Tuesday, June 14, 2016

SVD-ALS feels the impact of K to 12

SVD-ALS learners before they took the A & E Tests last
April (very much delayed) and now waiting
for the result. Those who will pass and plan to
go to college will miss the First Semester as
the school year began last June 13.
SVD-ALS is feeling the impact of the K-12 as 79 learners have enrolled at the Center. It was reported that up to "400,000 junior high school completers were estimated to have dropped out" as the Senior High School program was inaugurated last Monday. More of that news here.

Breakdown of the current SVD-ALS enrollment:

Basic Literacy Program - 4
Elementary - 12
Secondary -26

Learners waiting for the result
of the accreditation test:
Elementary -6
Secondary - 31

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