Our Sponsors

If you're interested to send an SVD-ALS graduate to college or a vocational school, please write to: Fr. Randy Flores, SVD Divine Word Seminary SVD Road 4120 Tagaytay City Tel. 046-4131253 Fax. 046-4131251 E-mail address: rrandy33@yahoo.com

List of Donors and Collaborators (past and present):
(pls. email me if your group happens to not listed down here)

1. Brother Ignatius Scholarship Fund
2. Divine Word Seminary
3. Arnold Janssen Catholic Mission Foundation
4. Filipinos in Macau Bible Study Group (c/o G. Eleazar)
5. Saint Jude Catholic School
6. Divine Word Seminary School of Theology Students' Association (DWSSTSA)
7. Pondo ng Pinoy (c/o Ms. Baby Belocura)
8) Philippinische Gottesdienst Gemeinde (Austria, c/o Fr. Ron Sandoval, SVD)
9) Pink Sisters of Tagaytay City
10) Friends of Fr. Flavie, SVD
11) Employees of MWSSA (c/o Seni Basilio and Nini Carbon)
12) Vic and Thelma Mauricio and Family
13) Ms. Bambi Gamban (family and friends)
14) Ms. Heddy Lee
15) SVD Easter Sunday Group (c/o Fr. Raul Caga, SVD)
16) Mr. and Mrs. Jess Cue
17) St. Jude Parish (c/o Fr. R. Aquino, SVD)
18) Philippine Central Province (c/o Fr. N. Cantilado, SVD)
19) Aida and Joanna Lou Velarde
20)  Certificate in Theological Studies Program (c/o class of Dr. M. Guevarra and M. Bulan)
21) Fr. Dom Flores,SVD (Sydney)
22) Atty Yolanda Doblon (Senate)
23) Fr. Ben Beltran, SVD
24) Fr. Ed Fuguso, SVD
25) Puer Dei (c/o Mr. Elbert Veloso-Hidalgo)
26) Fr. Remigio Domino, SVD and Marian Group (Madrid)
27) Fr. Paul Bumanglag, SVD and Filipino Group (Vicenza, Italy)
28) Theophilos Class (CTS)
29) Mr. Arturo Santos II
30) Ms. Joy Hawkins (Darwin, Australia)
31) Candle Livelihood Project (c/o Marian Navarrete)
32). Festejo Family (Sydney)

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