Saturday, February 22, 2014

Eighteen SVD-ALS Learners Pass A and E Test

Eighteen SVD-ALS Learners Pass A and E Test

Eighteen SVD-ALS learners passed the ALS Accreditation and Equivalency Test conducted on November 10, 2013. The test was administered by the DepEd at the Tagaytay Science High School and 35 SVD-ALS high school level learners took it. There were 221,598 exam takers for this level and 72,076 passed or around 33%.  The passing rate then of our SVD-ALS which is 51.4% is higher than the national

Two SVD-ALS learners took the text for the elementary level but did not make it. There were 24,998 exam takers and 6,135 passed or around 25%.

We thank then Miss Olive Tolentino and Miss Richel Razon , our two SVD-ALS instructional managers (teachers), our SVD-Fraters who assisted them, our benefactors, those who prayed for them, Divine Word Seminary community and the Arnold Janssen Catholic Mission Foundation, Inc. of which SVD-ALS is a partner.

Fr. Flavie Villanueva, SVD
Site Coordinator for SVD-ALS

Fr. Randy Flores, SVD
Finance Director for SVD-ALS

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